Dragon Lounge

The Dragon Lounge is a brand new musical concept coming from Cardiff, Wales.


The lounge takes music performance out of the concert hall and into a night club setting. The quality of the performance is world class and the vibe is cool. By all means have a drink, sit, stand get close to the action or chill in a way you like. We only ask that respect for the music is paramount. That usually means no talking during a performance – but why would you want to talk? Let the musical experience blow your mind, body and soul!


Cardiff has a rich heritage of world class music performance. The BBC has based it's National Orchestra of Wales here. Welsh National Opera has been delighting audiences for many years. Both now reside in the wonderful Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay. The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama has produced countless world class musicians. For example Chanea Curtis of the opera department made her New York Met opera debut in Porgy and Bess just this year.


Cardiff has a vibrant club scene vividly depicted in the blockbuster hit film, Human Traffic.


The festival scene in UK is stronger than ever and vinyl sales have just passed CD sales this year as the most popular medium for new music. New audiences are demanding something new and the Dragon Lounge will deliver an amazing experience.


The Dragon Lounge is going to be a beacon for this new movement.


Look out for special events alongside the monthly nights in Cardiff. Each night will be a unique and deep experience for all. We have access to the best talent on the planet and want to share the music making in this new format to truly bring the music 'up close and personal' – like you've never heard before.


We will combine the best Djs, the best classical artists, special guests and other treats to give your mind and soul a deep immersion through wonderful soundscapes. Come and see for yourself – you'll love it!!


More information through Alan.