Enrolment for Music Centre

Hello wonderful people,


I would like to let you know about a new music centre we are building in Dursley. It's going to start soon on Saturday mornings at Rednock school and run along the dates of school term times. 


Back in the day a lot of towns and every city had their own music centre – you may have been a member of one. Sadly as a society we have taken our eye off the ball and we are now left with the offensive situation whereas only kids with parents who are able to, and wish to pay for, get to learn music. I'm not even talking about learning an instrument here I literally mean that most children in our, the 6th richest country in the world, don't have music in their lives in any meaningful way.


So we're going to do something about it and I am going to extend an invitation to you.




Learning music has been shown to be good because:


it improves intelligence, memory, cognitive skills, uses both sides of the brain, it develops motor skills, evaluation skills, social skills, planning skills....

Thats not all. Music...


...Is an art.


...Brings history to life


...Enables self expression


...Builds confidence

...Develops teamwork

...Sets goals (Short term, medium term and long term)


This is in no way an exhaustive list.

So come along, bring your families and find out how we can have fun with music and bring it into the lives of everybody in our community.

Contact Alan for more information



We are going to open early in 2020 and run on Saturday mornings, along the same dates as school terms.



Dursley is a vibrant, exciting place. And we are growing. Dursley is going to get it's own Music Centre that has a fresh approach to learning and performing music. You can learn how to DJ and learn how to produce pop songs. You can sing in a choir with your mates and of course learn how to play an instrument. Music is about playing, learning cool skills and listening. So we'll do that too!

There is a purpose built music block in Rednock School and there are many local, professional musicians ready to help transform the lives of our young people through music. Our whole community will benefit and we, here in the Dursley area, are going to be the first in the country to show how this will happen. There is a bright future for us. We are going to build it here!



One of our core values is that music is for all. This means that cost should not be a barrier to having music in your life. We will provide all the instruments, all the tutoring and the actual resources such as printed music. The other costs - running the building, travel expenses etc will be covered by 'subs' This will be £5 per morning session per person - this covers the whole 3 hours! This is no more than subs for scouts, brownies etc. If you think that your family are unable to afford this then please have a chat with your child's school. We are working in partnership with them and funding is available if required.

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