Busy busy

Busy busy. nobody likes to hear that someone else is busy. Sorry about that. But it’s true. I apologise for not posting a blog recently. I’m very happy with how things are progressing. so yesterday I visited Cam Everlands primary school. Classes 4 and 5 were excellent. The two teachers were fantastic. We played some musical games such as hot and cold (exploring how to work together as a group and using dynamics). We made the sound of a caravan (not that kind) slowly passing us across the hot sandy desert. And we composed music to accompany stories they were working on - one about a plastic bag called Stanley and one about a tall boy called Liam. He went into space in a rocket, met some aliens, had some help from Beowulf (yes anything goes) and was home in time for tea!

today I’m teaching at the welsh college in Cardiff. And this evening you can come and hear me play at the theatre in Oxford - we’re doing vixen - and I’ll be able to see it!! Exciting day ahead.