Entry 4

Entry 4

Watching adverts on the tv today and I really saw how silly they are. Trying to persuade us to buy things. Somehow creating a sense that it’s ‘must have’. But completely irrelevant. And of course from now on humans will pay much more attention to what they really need. This should be the end of consumerism. Therefore the end of the way we have been in prisoned by its control. Zappa could see it.

Domestos ‘kills all know germs dead’ seems particularly ironic.

This is Wednesday 25th March, 2020. Day nine since some serious changes happened to society.

The UK press are sharing a small ray of hope that we might have just escaped the worst and the NHS will cope after all. We shall see.

Italy has collapsed health care wise . Looks like Spain has too. I think both now have a higher number of deaths than China. And still growing. Seems like a doubling every day. I just heard on the radio that India have a shoot on sight policy to keep people in. I can’t imagine. And the Cartoon Trump says he thinks USA will be back in church by Easter - because that would be lovely. The bottom smell.

Trying to get organised for the music centre ‘broadcast’ webinar meeting thing. The set up is remarkably easy as I already have done the leg work in setting it up. I hope people get involved and it helps in some way.

I put the ladies out in the early spring sun today - greenhouse of course. They are back in now because it might get cold - frost even - overnight. The air is still so clear. And it’s very, very quiet and weird out there. Calm before a maelstrom