from the bunker

Already don’t know how many days the virus has been here. It’s Saturday 21st March.

It was my mum’s birthday two days ago and Mothers day tomorrow. Obviously we haven’t seen her but have spoken on the phone.

Mollie travelled up to Chet’s with Debbie last Sunday. They got her stuff and violin, which ws in the music block where a teacher had shown symptoms over the weekend. Moll was down anyway for a free weekend.

When the week happened I didn’t take notes because I thought I would remember it all. Obvs now I won’t.

Yesterday the chancellor, Risji Sunak announced that the government will pay for all employees. Pay their wages up to £2500 per month. So I am at that maximum straightaway. I have a salary from WNO. Some teaching from RWCMD. Quite a bit more from other gigs and other teaching. I have just set up the music centre in Rednock School here is Dursley. I have a couple of credit cards and loans that are within control at the moment. Don't know how things will be in the future. And a mortgage.

Last Monday I went to teach my 3 students at RWCMD. (They are all now at home and the first video lesson is in two days (using zoom) - never used before. I then did a Wotton learners band. A few kids were there (the schools only closed yesterday) Nobody came to the Cam band. Although Fiona Metcalf did apparently show up after I had gone. Whassap messages after that basically closing it down until further notice. Gutting.

Tuesday. Chets confirming they will be closed and all lessons done remotely now. Panic buying of toilet paper in shops. College confining it will close (Only the day before I had a chat with Roger Argente and he had virtually no info.

Wednesday. WNO cancel everything. Should have been to Southampton Tuesday for a schools concert. Star Wars and Ride amongst other opera stuff. My last trip to Birmingham Mayfield school was last Friday. (Blimey there must be some heroic stories from there at the moment. Now confirmed cancelled from Sandra.

Thursday . Government announce that schools will close from Friday. Deb teaches at the British School. Not for Key workers or kids with needs (EHIP?). But there is no list as to who key workers are. Shops restaurants theatres now compelled to close. (Previously only that people were advised from large social gatherings - which irked up to the announcement yesterday)

Friday. Mollie and me here. Ella’s last day at school. Debbie was phoning Parents and assessing which kids will need to come to school on Monday. Very crazy day. She is supposed to do that and think about delivering classes to those at home. All exams and other stuff like, SATs are all cancelled. All sport is cancelled - globally - I wonder if this is Snookers chance to rightfully claim to be the most watched live sport?

Saturday. People have already started with the new. Virtual parties are popping up. Musicians are entertaining us. Louise Danny and Alicia will be onto day 4 of their daily musical thing. Wow. We have everything we need to survive with food and all that. People holding is outrageous. And we are now in a socialist world. End of capitalism. Most people haven’t cottoned on yet how important that is. But I’ve been doing a bit of preparing here. Tidying the garage - literally thinking ‘hoping for the best - preparing for the worst’. But what is the worst? Maybe then garage will have to be used as an isolation hospital?????? For now I’m going to make a ballet bar for Della. Sort out the floor and mirror so she can dance. She has been preparing for so much. Her body is in perfect physical condition. Everything has happened so fast that sometimes I just think I’ve not thought enough.

It’s mind blowing to think that something so small can have changed the world so fast. Not sort of physically but for us as a species.

Postscript. BTW the air is so much clearer already. Birds are happy in our garden (lots of worms possibly after my weeding yesterday). Perhaps the climate change thing might just have a chance?

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