Thoughts on young people

What have we done to society? The staggering lack of imagination that people have in how to live their lives is scary.

There you go. A pompous, aggressive statement to get you going.

However what I mean to unpick is this.

We are all human beings, about 7 billion of us apparently. Roughly a third don’t have access to the very basic necessities such as clean water on tap and/or a flushing toilet. Another third work to live. Or put another way they are wage slaves. They don’t earn enough from their labours, or don’t actually have an income, to afford anything but bare essentials. Both these groups use their time simply to survive. This is crucial because it means they don’t have any time or energy to do any thinking, of course they think but Do they have a chance to dwell on the big stuff? So as a society we are wasting about two thirds of our collective brain power. Shame. And what about the other third? Shall we call ourselves the ‘because we’re worth it’ third for shorthand?

Why are we here? What’s it all about? Is there meaning to any of it?

I like considering things such as the Drake equation. This is the one trying to estimate the statistical likelihood of there being intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. It makes some informed guesses and comes up with a staggering number - it’s very big. Which begs the next question: Where is everyone? Leading in turn to the logical point that either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Either way it’s a shocking and staggering concept.

If we are alone it is very important that we stay alive. There are many ways in which we might be wiped out. We must protect our own planet. Right up until it melts into the sun. Who knows maybe we’ll have technology by then to pull it away from the maelstrom? We must also be working towards getting off the planet. A very difficult proposition. Loads of problems here not least the massive distances involved - we need better propulsion methods. And there’s no gravity in space. So how will our bodies cope. Pretty badly with current thinking. However there will be a first - the first person to be born in space. I’m certain that will happen. How will their bones grow? Did you know that the bones in human ears evolved from fish gills? Without gravity the space baby’s ear bones won’t develop in the same way as here on Earth. Needs a solution.

I’ve posed just a few areas needing work. Not to mention the psychological work needing to be done. What a shame we are out consuming our home and spending energy worrying whether we really are ‘worth it’ to have a new improved toothpaste or shampoo. There are many things we need to study. Science being the obvious one. However music is more than just a science.

Reasons music is more than just a science:

It can move us emotionally. Especially when accompanying a story. However abstract music can have the same effect.

It can convey a message.

It’s beautiful.

It’s full of colour.

Reasons music is a science:

It’s sound - physics

It’s rhythm - maths

Playing music uses different parts of the brain - psychology

Playing and listening to music trigger different parts of your brain - biology.

Reason music is history:

Learning a piece properly needs the musician to understand the context surrounding the composer.

Period performances need historical accuracy

Reasons music is a study of social history:

What is music? How has music been used as entertainment? Pianos in houses etc.

The invention of the record player etc.

Dances. It’s quite hard to dance without music. Dancing leads to flirting leads onwards....

Further Reasons music is a science:

The construction of music is complicated maths. Eg Sonata form. Tune A in home key, Tune B in dominant. Along with the actual structure. How the changing keys reflect inner emotions.

Bach’s 48

Sound envelopes.

Digital music



PA systems

String theory.

In conclusion. We are wasting a lot of brain power by keeping people as wage slaves and in poverty. There’s loads of work to be done. Studying music is an excellent way of training brains whilst having fun in a group. Let’s get on it!!