Virus Entry 3

Mad day! Health wise the reports are that although they are struggling it feels like a lull before the storm.

Day two of lock down.

Lloydee’s amp went. So I ‘met him’ halfway and gave him mine. As it happens my lovely Aura floor speakers are also at the hifi doctors. One of them developed a bad cough. Think it’s in the hills in South Wales atm.

Been setting up the website today. Bit of fun. Copy and pasted and worked on all the safeguarding policies. Spoke to Jason from Rednock. Chris White-Horn and Bruce. Messages out to the parents of Kids under the umbrella here. Head teachers too. All pretty straightforward. No idea what the world might be like by Saturday but we have ideas for a jazz area hosted by Louis. Singing club. Listening club performance club. Talks. Debates. All using zoom.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Things seem manageable but there is a massive sense of doom even though it’s actually quite nice outside.

One of my favourite times of year. Mother’s Day with daffodils.

I loved it at WNO when Dewi , then principal cellist and future guitarist of MexKex, turned up with a tiny, real leek in his lapel.

And things start to grow - like the new world? Which path will we take? Who knows? Could be (awful at first) then eventually good or (awful at first) then turning more south until absolute horrid ness. Too much imagination isn’t necessarily a good thing there tbh.

On a side note my five babies were moved from their sprouting jars into lovely compost today. More on this later.