Virus entry 5

Entry 5

Woke this morning to two different stories but both added together signposting some serious problems with how things are. This is exactly the sort of thing that needs to change.

Without any serious effort to change direction then ordinary folk - the vast majority of us - will lose faith in the state and go out again - societal breakdown and death.

The first is that the government have done this:

MEC Medical, a UK ventilator manufacturer has not received an order from the UK Gov

@BorisJohnson gave the money to Dyson instead. It was on Newsnight last night.

So cronyism. Secondly the Daily Mail.

They are complaining about two girls swimming in the sea. However everybody has already cottoned on that one of the reasons to publish the story was to show pictures of girls in bikinis.

Their mum has already said that they went for a jog, swam, jogged home. All within the rules. So why are the Mail shit stirring? Don’t they realise that messing with people’s heads at the moment will lead to more deaths? If people lose faith that staying at home isn’t the right thing to do then we are really in for it because we police by consent. If people start thinking -well those girls in Eastbourne (or wherever) are having a good time why am I stuck here within these four walls? Some will decided to risk it. Therefore harming everyone. And once the consensus goes it will be much harder to get everyone back in.

The government said last week that they had to time the lockdown for maximum effect in fighting the PANDEMIC. They had a series of steps down to total lockdown. They said we are a mature democracy and people will behave responsibly. They said people will get fatigue and consider breaking the rules - going out - spreading the virus etc etc. We said shut it down now. We can see what’s coming. This lockdown is said to be for the next 3 weeks. Probably more like 12 then a gradual lifting else we’re back to square one again. Day 5 of lockdown and the cronyism has already weakened any credibility that this Tory government has left and the Mail literally shitposting straight into the very well primed minds of its readership are making things worse.

Things have to change. It’s time to stop doing these things now. We must work together and have love and respect for all people. And that nosey, tutting, playground, shitty, dry attitude of the Mail? That should be put away now.