Virus entry two

Monday night/Tuesday

Last night was Boris’ announcement to the nation that we are shut down!

Different, more serious vibe. People, not round here, we’re not getting the message about social distancing. A term I only heard myself less than 7 days ago.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. A lovely sunny day. Daffodils were out. I love this time of year. We went for a walk. I paid a visit to the hospital to just have a look. See if there was anything so could help with. Left my number and details if they need me. Offered to drive, anything. In my head hoping that I wont be called on. Thought about my cpr training. Christ what a maelstrom of thoughts, plans, hazards. Trying to think ahead. Contacting people. Keeping ‘up’. Deb commented, as we walked past someone’s digging in their garden ‘blimey they are digging graves’. I welled up. Then walking out of the hospital. Which was empty except for the one staff member I spoke with through the glass of the reception.


I did teaching via FaceTime and zoom for the first time today. Jeremy in Birmingham. Harri in his own in Cardiff. Doing well. Getting his head down and working from home. And Peter right down at the top of Cornwall.

He didn’t mention it but lots of 2nd homers have gone there. And other holiday places to escape the virus. But obvs they have taken it with them and will put added pressure on the NHS there. Our heros. My goodness. Thoughts are certainly with them. Although these last two days have been described as the calm before the storm.

Mollie did loads of violin practice. Ella is amazing. Debbie is same as me. Between rising to the challenge, worry - not dread - yet. In fact the announcement tonight makes us feel a bit safer. If ever that can be understood as now all but essential human contact has been severed. That must stop it by now? Or not stopped the spread but ‘flattened the curve’ enough to avoid complete disaster? We shall see.

I have Orwell on my mind - this is exactly what a totalitarian state would want - without the dying all over the place obvs. But also - there is a glimmer that as we enter the time after the pandemic there is a chance, now that neoliberalism has failed, we have evidence that the world needs organising differently. For all of us.

The final scene of 'how to get ahead in advertising' also comes to mind.

‘Foot deodorisers would climax’ etc etc.

Postscript. I was on the phone to my Dad when Boris made the announcement.

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